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Come on England!

We are ready to support our team and country tonight! We have decorated the house with our home made flags and are counting down now until the big match! Even if you are not a huge football follower normally, there is a sense of excitement and pride to know we are in the final of #Euro 2020 - win or lose what a proud moment :)  From the garden you can hear the excitement from other houses, singing its coming home and chanting all the footie chants. Schools have been talking to our children and recreational clubs building up their excitement. So to all watching, and counting down with us lets celebrate the victory so far! #itscominghome #comeonengland #goengland
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Life is a rollercoaster

For the ups and downs, twists and turns of life - Carleton Connections - makingworkworkforyou Flexible hours, flexible living, flexible work life. If you are a thrill seeker, looking for a staycation, or just some time away but do not want to ask for permission from your boss, then become your own boss! I have just been away on a break to Blackpool with my girls and husband, we have a such a lovely week away. We have been to see the animals at an amazing safari park about an hour drive from there- Knowsley Safari Park, took full advantage of Blackpool's beautiful sandy beach and been to Blackpool Pleasure beach and the best part, I didn't need to wait for my holiday to be approved before I booked this break, we could just go because I work for myself and you can too by working with us , become self employed and enjoy the advantage of making work work for you, working to live and doing what you love. Of course we had candy floss stuck in hair, feeling sick from the extra large

Inbound Customer Service Vacancy

Inbound customer service opportunity available, work from home . Pay starts at £9.50 per hour. Training starts on 14th June - and you can start earning from 29th June. Contact us for further information and to secure your place on the training - Take opportunity when it comes your way 💰.

Happy Easter 2021

 Wishing you all a very Happy Easter from us all at Carleton Connections Ltd 🐇

Does working from home work for you?

With more people than ever working from home, some through choice, others through circumstance, we wanted to ask a selection of people from various backgrounds how they were finding the change, what challenges they face, and what, if anything, they prefer. A bit of background info on our candidates Sam is a recruitment specialist, who normally commutes to Central London on the underground, and has always enjoyed the social side of city working Joe is a media project manager, who drives to a rural location for work, and commutes to work by car with his wife, who works nearby Sean has recently set up his own accountancy firm, based in a busy town centre, and usually drives to work.   1: What are the advantages you have found about working from home? Joe: No distractions of the day to day office life, no travel time and not having the expense and hassle of a commute. 2: What are the disadvantages you have found about working from home? Sam: Sometimes harder to focus with

Happy Valentines Day

  We came across this quote, and thought it quite fitting for this day, in these times.  So however you are spending today, remember,  “You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” - Buddha  and have a very Happy Valentines Day everyone, from Carleton Connections Ltd 😍

Do I enjoy what I do, and would I register and train all over again?

Hey all, I hope you are all keeping safe and warm in this wintry weather!  I was asked today by a potential new agent the question, "Do you enjoy what you do, and would you sign up again given the chance?" To this, I was able to give an easy answer: "Yes I do, and yes I would 😀" OK, so you might be thinking obviously she would say this, but I can back this up with a few reasons and some may be relevant to you, if you're thinking of getting in touch and still aren't sure. Now, if you asked me "Is your job perfect and do you ever have any problems?"  Then my answer would have to be, "No it isn't, and yes I do" , but I don't think anyone can hand on heart say that they are in a perfect work situation. I wanted to answer my new agents questions here so that you could see them, and hopefully it will help someone else make a decision that I honestly think is a massive step to making work work for you . Customer service can throw up a